Ugg 'n' Ogg and the World's First Dogg title logo - for children and their families

Touring throughout 2025

Fideri Fidera in association with the registered charity

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In the fresh sparkling world just after the last Ice Age there were no dogs - not a single one. So how did we get our best friend and the World’s No 1 pet, the dog?

Well, luckily for us, along came two young hunter-gatherers called Ugg ’n’ Ogg to pall up with the wolves Tooth 'n’ Claw and embark on a fun-packed adventure where despite flying meat bones, raging forest infernos, and even a time-travelling stick, they finally get to invent the dog and save us all from a life of doglessness.

This original play for families and dog lovers of all ages is inspired by the truly amazing evolutionary process that transformed the wolf into all the dogs that we see in the world today. Recommended age 3+

Creative Team

Performers Jack Faires and Natasha Granger

Written and directed by Colin Granger

Design and puppets: Marina Kobler

Sound/Lighting design Jack Faires and Natasha Granger

Music Arrangement Jack Faires

Print design

“Outstanding. Theatre Fideri Fidera are not Fringe favourites for nothing. Every aspect of the production is marvellous. From the acting, which is pitched perfectly to the wide-eyed wee ones; to the puppets and puppetry, which are in turn beautifully constructed and wondrously brought to life; via the story itself which is full of heart and smiles.”
Daniel Lentell, Edinburgh 49, 13 Aug 2019

“The two actors who lead the show are family friendly without ever pandering; their little tricks with props delight the whole audience. The set is extremely mobile and creates multiple changes of setting, little song interludes are peppered throughout … Theatre Fideri Fidera are a credit to children’s theatre as they keep a room full of children entertained for an hour.”
New Perspective, 9 Aug 2019

“I’m always on the look out for children’s shows doing something truly different. This play stood out, because it’s about a subject I have literally never seen tackled by a theatre company before – and it looks brilliant.”
Caro Moses, Three Weeks Edinburgh preview