Reviews - Will Tell and the Big Bad Baron

★★★★★ "There's singing along to genuinely funny songs, hilarious dancing, great puppetry and a few 'he's behind you' pantomime moments, which had the kids in the audience shouting, clapping and laughing along throughout and the genuinely loud laughs seemed to be shared equally between young and old…"
Neil Jones, Full review

★★★★★ Outstanding "An August without Theatre Fideri Fidera would be like the Edinburgh Tattoo without bagpipes. Their sets and puppetry are second to none. They've roared out of lockdown doing what they do best, making children laugh while they think - or should that be think while they laugh... Natasha Granger and Jack Faires are reunited with that same spell-binding on-stage partnership we saw in 'Ugg 'n' Ogg and the World's First Dogg'"
Dan Lentell, (9 Aug 2022) Full review

★★★★★ "This is a lovely feel good tale for children, with multiple life lessons that girls can do anything, its okay for Edeltraut to fall in love with Wilhelmina and that good will always conquer evil. Take your children along to the Gilded Balloon to enjoy this sweet story." (11 Aug 2022) Full review

"This is a cracking show, delivering exactly the right dose of theatre magic – tickets are only £5 with the code Tell5! – so if you’re free this week then this show is a must." Laura Crichton, (14 Aug 2022) Full review

FRINGE REVIEW - RECOMMENDED SHOW "This a great family show: energetic, pacey with plenty of opportunity to join in and let off steam." Kate Saffin, (15 Aug 2022) Full review

★★★ "Overall, it’s a fun show with a good cast that will have children laughing throughout, and it deserves a big audience." Oliver Giggins, North West End UK (5 Aug 2022) Full review

★★★ "(Natasha) Granger is a welcoming, friendly lead, and (Jack) Faires is eagerly silly as both the Baron and his smitten daughter Edeltraut. With songs, audience participation, inventive use of set and costume, a donkey made from a bicycle and some good old panto humour, it’s a show which the right audience needs to discover fast." David Pollock, The Scotsman (10 Aug 2022) Full review

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"In Will Tell and the big bad baron Will’s Dad was toled (by the baron) to fire a arrow in to an apple on Will’s head. And he was traped and my sister helped her to get dressed. She rode on a donkey Rosina Who was made of a bike. She had a fight with the baron and saved his dauter Who was traped too! And then she found her Dad in a dundion. And afder that they all went home together. I loved it!" Dan Lentell's 7 yr old daughter (9 Aug 2022) Read her dad's full review

"What a clever show! Will Tell obviously a beautiful girl in disguise and Baron Boris , who knew? Seriously I have sat through numerous children's shows with my 3 kids and this is by far the best!!!" Claire (on Fringe website)

"Lovely show. Enthusiastic and talented presenting duo. 5* from me and my six year old." denise goldabout (on Fringe website)

"Great, laugh out loud show that appeals to children of all ages- mums and dads too. The two performers throw everything to their story telling, aided by a great set and fantastic costumes. Don't miss it!!!" Steve Thomason (on Fringe website)

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